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1960s F1 Gallery

1965 Italian Grand Prix, Monza. Jim Clark, Jackie Stewart: 2003 Racing Past... Exhibition
1964 Belgian Grand Prix - Dan Gurney and Jim Clark: Jim Clark talks to Dan Gurney
Monaco Grand Prix, Monte Carlo 1965: Formula One World Championship, 1965
1965 Italian Grand Prix - Jackie Stewart and Jim Clark: Jackie Stewart, BRM P261, 1st position, leads Jim Clark
1967 United States Grand Prix - Jim Clark: Watkins Glen, New York, USA. 29 September-1 October 1967
1967 Monaco Grand Prix: Lorenzo Bandini leads John Surtees. Bandini later crashed suffering fatal injuries
1960 Monaco Grand Prix: Jo Bonnier leads Jack Brabham, Tony Brooks, Stirling Moss
1961 German Grand Prix: L -R: Jim Clark, John Cooper, Innes Ireland, Jack Brabham, Stirling Moss, Graham Hill
1965 German Grand Prix - Jochen Rindt: Jochen Rindt 4th position, jumping action
1966 Dutch Grand Prix - Dan Gurney: Dan Gurney, Eagle AAR101-Climax, retired, action
Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium: Jim Clark has a chat with Dan Gurney whilst sitting on his Lotus 25
1960 French Grand Prix: Phil Hill leads Jack Brabham, Wolfgang von Trips, Willy Mairesse, Dan Gurney, Bruce McLaren
Watkins Glen, United States. 1 October 1967: Graham Hill, Lotus 49-Ford, 2nd position, action
1964 French Grand Prix - Dan Gurney: Dan Gurney, 1st position
1966 Belgian Grand Prix - Dan Gurney: Dan Gurney, Eagle AAR101-Climax, not classified, in the paddock
1966 Dutch Grand Prix - Start: Jack Brabham, Brabham BT19-Repco, 1st position, Denny Hulme, Brabham BT20-Repco, retired
1966 Nurburgring 1000 kms: Phil Hill, 1st position, podium, portrait
1970 British Grand Prix: Dan Gurney, retired, portrait
1969 German Grand Prix - Jean-Pierre Beltoise: Jean-Pierre Beltoise, 12th position. Jump, Flugplatz
1961 French Grand Prix - Masten Gregory: Masten Gregory follows a group of cars passed the pits and main grandstand
1961 Dutch Grand Prix - Wolfgang von Trips: Wolfgang von Trips, 1st position, action
1965 British Grand Prix - Jim Clark: Jim Clark, Lotus 33-Climax, 1st position, podium, portrait
1968 Mexican Grand Prix: Denny Hulme, McLaren M7A-Ford, retired, leads John Surtees, Honda RA301, retired
1966 Belgian Grand Prix: Jack Brabham, Brabham BT19-Repco, 4th position, leads Lorenzo Bandini, Ferrari 158 / 246
1967 Belgian Grand Prix: Jim Clark, Lotus 49-Ford, 6th position, leads Jochen Rindt, Cooper T81B-Maserati, 4th position
1969 INDY 500:
1960 Belgium Grand Prix: Ref-6623: 1960 Belgium Grand Prix
1960 United States Grand Prix: Ref-7473: 1960 United States Grand Prix
1961 United States Grand Prix: Ref-10976
1963 Solitude Grand Prix: Jack Brabham 1st position
1967 German Grand Prix: Jack Brabham 2nd position
1967 Mexican Grand Prix: Jack Brabham 2nd position
1962 Belgian Grand Prix: Jack Brabham 6th position
1964 Austrian Grand Prix: Jack Brabham passes the crashed car of Trevor Taylor
1960 Syracuse Grand Prix: Jack Brabham, Cooper T43-Climax, retired, passes the road sign after the hairpin, action
1960 BARC Dinner Dance: Left-to-right: Bruce McLaren, Ken Tyrrell, John Cooper, Jack Brabham, J.A
1962 Reims Grand Prix: Jack Brabham leads Bruce McLaren and Graham Hill. They finished in 4th
1962 Dutch Grand Prix: Jim Clark leads Graham Hill, Dan Gurney, John Surtees, Phil Hill, Innes Ireland
1966 Motor Show 200: Jochen Rindt, 1st position, lifts the winners trophy with Jack Brabham, 2nd position
1967 Tulln-Langenlebarn Formula Two: Jochen Rindt, 1st position, on the start line next to Jim Clark, retired
1966 United States Grand Prix: Jack Brabham leads Lorenzo Bandini and Peter Arundell. Arundell finished in 6th position
1962 German Grand Prix: Ref: 3 / 0630
1961 Belgian Grand Prix: The GPDA hold an inpromptu meeting. Jim Clark, Jack Brabham, Innes Ireland, Masten Gregory
2003 Racing Past... Exhibition: 1966 French Grand Prix, Reims. Jack Brabham celebrates victory
1964 International Trophy: Max Aitken congratulates Jack Brabham. Brabham BT7, 1st position, podium
1963 Tasman Series: Jack Brabham sits in the new Brabham-Repco BT11, portrait
Jack Brabham Barcelona 69: Jack Brabham, Brabaham Bt, Spanish Gp 1969Montjuich Park, Barcelona

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